Changing Consumer Behaviors are Driving New Digital Priorities

It is Time to Strengthen Your Digital Marketing Arsenal

If you were to ask what’s new in digital marketing, you may likely get a different response every year, sometimes even every few months! Staying agile and continuously strengthening your digital marketing arsenal is a key driver for ensuring maximum ROI on your marketing spends. However, in this COVID-era, it is not just technology and innovation that is driving digital marketing changes. Certain changes that have been imperative during this deadly pandemic may possibly become permanent in nature, altering the very ethos of how businesses and customers operate.

Work from home is already an accepted standard. The race to move products and services online is only getting more fervent. Moreover, the emerging priorities and catalytic consumer behaviors are redefining the rules of digital marketing across sectors and industries. From groceries and holiday shopping, to homes and automobiles, consumers are hopping on to the internet to purchase all types of small or large goods and services. Given these enormous changes in the ways of doing business, it is imperative to relook at your products, services, marketing efforts and messaging. Are you keeping up with the key digital marketing changes needed for engaging and retaining your current customers, and multiplying your traffic, leads, and revenues?\

Adjust Your Digital Marketing Efforts to Align with Changing Consumer Behaviors

  • Embrace Digital Transformation: With businesses across the world forced to adopt digital channels or products from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation has become an important buzzword among marketing professionals. From e-commerce, emails and apps, to chatbots, predictive analytics and augmented and virtual reality, companies are embracing technology to create a more seamless customer experience. Early and timely adoption will help you gain a competitive edge and retain a leadership position in your industry, even after the pandemic is over.
  • Focus on Environmental, Ethical and Social: Political, social, and other happenings the world over have put the spotlight on gender discrimination, racial inequality, climate change, environmental sustainability and other such issues. Cleaning up your business practices, updating your marketing strategies, and adjusting your messaging will allow your consumers and prospects to recognize you as an ethical company that is committed to society and the environment. For example, many brands have taken an anti-consumerism approach to holiday marketing events, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day sales.
  • Modify your Media Mix: Garnering increased traffic and improving your targeted marketing efforts are key to weathering the pandemic and post pandemic storm. Which means, you need to stay attentive about where your consumers spend the most time and suitably adjust your media mix to
    • Ensure adequate focus on mobile, social media, voice, and video content marketing.
    • Accommodate emerging trends, such as ‘pod’ living. (Groups of family or friends who are part of each other’s social bubbles are influencing each other’s purchasing behaviors.)
    • Solidify your influencer marketing efforts especially if you are a consumer brand.
    • Invest in livestreaming and virtual events. While the pandemic may have created an explosive growth in virtual conferences and trade shows, they will surely earn a permanent spot in digital marketing due to their many advantages.

Hire a Full-Service Digital Marketing Company to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Clarifying your brand’s sense of purpose, tapping into nostalgia, and being proactive about social issues can help you generate and maintain greater customer loyalty during and beyond the pandemic. Regardless of the nature of your industry and your digital capabilities, consider leveraging the global expertise of an award-winning, full-service digital marketing company, such as Expert WSI eMarketing (WSITM). Our experienced and qualified team delivers the complete suite of customized digital marketing services, including SEO, ASEO, PPC, Video and more.

Whether it is website design, lead generation, brand management, or online reputation management, we can help you design and implement holistic strategies that help you stay ahead of the curve.

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