It’s 2022. And Yes, Email Marketing Still Works

Effective Email Campaigns Still Produce Leads and Sales

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. Over the last few years, new marketing strategies like TikTok and Twitter seem to have taken over how companies reach customers. It’s true – video is valuable. Yet, traditional marketing methods in the digital world, like email marketing, are still highly effective and produce a solid ROI.

If you’ve put off launching email campaigns recently because you’re unsure it’s worth your time, consider a few helpful facts. There’s a real good reason to keep that email subscriber list going!

Email Marketing Statistics Show It’s Valuable

Consider the numbers. If you are going to invest in email marketing, you want to know it will produce profitable results or other tangible benefits. A Litmus study found that email creates $36 of ROI for every $1 spent. That is higher than any other type of digital marketing channel. What other types of investments are you making that produce that type of return?

HubSpot paints the picture with some additional statistics that are hard to ignore about email:

  • 78% of marketers reported seeing an email engagement increase over the prior 12 months.
  • Marketers who segment email campaigns see as much as a 760% increase in revenue than if they do not do so.
  • There are 4 billion daily email users.

Another survey conducted by Statista Research Department found that, by 2023, email marketing revenue will likely reach $10 billion. That’s up from the $7.5 billion it was in 2020.

It’s clear that small business marketing continues to benefit from the use of email. The key to remember here is that it has to be targeted, effective content that’s going to produce results.

How Does Email Marketing Benefit Your Business?

An effective email marketing strategy may provide your business with numerous benefits and opportunities:

  • Personalized Content: Email allows businesses to connect with an individual on a much more personal level than a random video placed on social media. You’re talking specifically to someone who asked to hear from you, and, if you list is well segmented, offering them something you know they need and want.
  • Gathering Feedback: Email campaigns are a fantastic way to find out how well a business is doing. Many people enjoy participating in surveys because they feel their opinion and needs are better understood. The information here can directly contribute to your business planning and growth.
  • Get Sales, Again: Often, companies build their email campaigns by collecting customer data after a sale. You can likely encourage those customers to come back and buy again with that email address.

In addition to this, email marketing can also help with communicating your mission, vision, and goals, building your brand, and improving sales. It’s a simple-to-use tool that offers outstanding benefits to today’s businesses in most industries.

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