How Your Local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant Can Help Prepare Your Business for “No More Cookies!”

Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s official. Soon, third-party cookies will be eliminated. For many marketers and companies alike, that means a big part of your marketing and digital advertising strategy and analytics may be changing heavily. It is time to think about alternative methods for reaching your target audience.

This isn’t a new bit of news but rather something Google announced way back in 2020. As the end of cookies comes closer, now is the time to start planning for a change. Digital marketers are working to develop new strategies that could help you avoid big losses when cookies are demised by Google.

What Solutions Exist for You Now?

Companies reliant on third party cookies may be scrambling to know what to do to update their marketing and advertising efforts. Plenty of ideas have sprung up. Here are a few that may make the most difference to you when it comes to securing leads.

  • Focus on First-Party Cookies: You can use information collected from your customers to create targeted ads across Gmail, YouTube, search, and shopping tabs. This allows you to target customers who have the same interests as your existing customers.
  • Encourage Readers to Share Data with You: For that first method to work, you need to have a way of gathering data. That means creating new tools that capture more of your existing customers’ data. That may include landing pages for subscriptions, newsletters, and other engaging content that gets them to provide more insightful information to you.
  • Ensure You Have Consent: Of course, be mindful of digital marketing regulations for how you collect information. Be sure your privacy policy is updated to match these new regulations. You want to be sure you have permission management tools in place to minimize the risk of violations later. Most should be updated since GDPR, but another look at your practices is worthwhile.
  • Spend More on Market Research: The need for data is real, and market research is the best way to collect first-party data. Gather information you have on your customers and then analyze what is working and what may not be. You may want to invest in social media polls to gain more insight. Focus groups can also prove helpful in some situations.
  • Make the Move Towards Personalization: It’s time to revamp many of your marketing strategies. The more personalization you add to your engagement efforts, the more likely it is that your marketing strategies will pay off. Work to revamp, update, and modernize all your engagements to be as comprehensive as possible.

A Custom Solution Is Best

Working with digital marketers from WSI could be just what you need to do. With changes to privacy law, third-party cookies, and numerous other updates from the search engines, you really cannot afford not to have a new, updated marketing strategy. Our digital marketing team can help you determine what the impact of no more cookies will be on your website assets. Then, we’ll work to create a custom solution to replace that metric with others that may deliver even better results.

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