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There is no shortage of digital marketing agencies and digital marketing consultants to choose from, so how do you narrow your search down to that one  digital marketing consultant who can perfectly match what you’re looking for? 

The team from Expert WSI eMarketing has decades in the marketing industry and is an award-winning, leading digital marketing agency. We create personalized, targeted marketing plans to suit your needs that guarantee results. 

Top Digital Marketing Services

It’s not surprising that many digital marketing agencies and digital marketing consultants have different specialties or niches they work within. However, at Expert WSI eMarketing we offer a wide range of services and can easily adapt to your needs. 

We provide a full suite of solutions such as:

Digital Marketing Strategy Development


Expert WSI eMarketing starts with a consultative approach and provides comprehensive strategic consulting and has the ability to develop unique, targeted marketing campaigns for your company that generate proven results. We perform competitive research to find areas within your industry to exploit your competition, collect key consumer insight, and develop a clear blueprint outlining the timeline of your campaigns, which we track, report and review with you to ensure the best return on your investment (ROI).

Expert WSI eMarketing starts with a consultative approach and provides comprehensive strategic consulting and has the ability to develop unique, targeted marketing campaigns for your company that generate proven results. We perform competitive research to find areas within your industry to exploit your competition, collect key consumer insight, and develop a clear blueprint outlining the timeline of your campaigns, which we track, report and review with you to ensure the best return on your investment (ROI).

Our expert marketing consultants are equipped with all the latest tools and technology and can determine the proper channels for your company’s marketing strategy and offer targeted advertising to help you expand your or your client’s online presence. This entails performing regular audits of campaigns, strategy touchpoints, and more to optimize their performance. 

Enterprise Level Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Because search algorithms, such as Google & Bing, are constantly changing, SEO services are an integral part of any marketing blueprint. Whether it be a paid search advertising campaign or creating landing pages for a website, SEO insight and strategy are always an essential part of the process. Expert WSI eMarketing can optimize all your content for SEO, improving your rankings on search engine report pages (SERPs), thus driving organic traffic to your website and boosting your overall reach online. This results in increased leads, more conversions, and more sales. We also perform on- and off-page SEO, local and geo-targeted SEO solutions, and technical SEO services.

Website Design Services

Having a clear, informative, and user-friendly site that loads fast is one of the best ways to make a great first impression on potential customers who find your page, past site visitors coming back for more of your products/services. Additionally, site load speeds are one of the most significant considerations for search engines. Whether it’s simply optimizing your existing web pages for better results or creating an entirely new site, Expert WSI eMarketing’s web design team can help set you apart from the rest of your competitors, increase your target audience, and move clients through the sales funnel more quickly.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Although SEO and site optimization are great strategies for building your online reputation and increasing organic results in the long term, to generate more sales and online success, PPC services are crucial. The right targeted ad campaign with the proper keywords and audience segment research can provide a tremendous short-term burst of leads and sales and ensure a visual presence for keywords associated with your business. Expert WSI eMarketing will take all of the important factors into account when developing an advertising campaign and provides omnichannel PPC services with the added feature of retargeting campaigns.

Content Creation Solutions


Content creation is a great way to strengthen your online services and entice new customers, and build a reputation for your brand online. It also encompasses SEO, keyword and competitor research to help your campaigns find their way to the right audience segment. Expert WSI eMarketing offers content creation services as part of our overall digital marketing blueprint. We have experienced and dedicated content creation experts who perform all the necessary research and boast experience in writing content, creating images and developing videos for every channel, field, industry, and marketing campaign. We can also provide clear insight into the success of each piece of content via performance tracking and reporting.

Marketing Automation Implementation


These days, many of the top agencies around the world are implementing user-friendly, marketing automation solutions to make digital marketing campaigns more successful and efficient. The specialists at Expert WSI eMarketing help you generate the best ROI by implementing proven marketing automation services like chatbots and smart computer systems that take care of marketing tasks, saving the time and cost of doing them manually. We offer a wide range of automated marketing solutions including:


  • Advanced Retargeting: This automated feature is designed to capture all of those leads that made it to your site but for one reason or another didn’t result in a sale. Since a well-optimized website will be able to easily track visitors, you can see where your biggest drop-off rates are and automatically create retargeting campaigns to improve conversions. 
  • Website Visitor Tracking: Tracking those who visit your site can be easily automated via tools designed to help you understand the impact certain pages have on them, how long visitors stay on particular web pages (bounce rate), and glean insight into browsing patterns. 
  • Chatbots: With the increasing benefits offered by AI technology, today’s chatbots are becoming more and more like human sales and customer service personnel, automatically answering complicated questions, and helping customers find solutions to their problems. We can implement AI chatbot solutions that enable your company to offer 24/7 support without employing full-time staff members. If a question is too complex for a chatbot, they automatically forward requests to staff members who can reach out to consumers/customers directly. 

Enhanced Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our digital marketing agency possesses cutting-edge AI expertise, allowing us to harness the power of artificial intelligence in marketing. With our advanced AI-driven strategies and tools, we have the capability to pinpoint the perfect prospects and skillfully guide them through the conversion journey, ultimately transforming them into satisfied customers. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of AI technology ensures that your business benefits from the most innovative and effective marketing solutions available.


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Generate quality leads that are more likely to become your customers.


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Get found by your customers and build more awareness about your services.


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Turn your customers into your brand loyalists and biggest fans.


Improve an Ineffective Website

Transform your website into a lead generation machine for your business.


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Expert WSI eMarketing offers a full suite of comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. No matter the size of your company we can help improve leads and sales, and boost your online presence. 

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